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My name is Michael Noonan. I am Deirdre's husband.

It is with a broken heart and heavy sadness that I write here that Deirdre passed away on Saturday, August 25th, 2018.

Her death was sudden, unexpected and too early since she was only 53 years old. All of her family and friends are stunned to have such a wonderful and energetic person such as Deirdre die so quickly. Thank you to everyone who has offered so much support, prayers and condolences from around the world.

Sew Fabulous Embroidery business is suspended indefinitely. I may resume Deirdre's business at some future date. I want to take this opportunity to thank you very, very much for working with Deirdre's business. She was a consummate and dedicated business person. She worked on each of your orders with personal attention to detail. I was extremely proud of Deirdre's passion and creativity and how she used that to serve her customers. Thank you again for supporting her business for many years.

If you have any questions the best way to reach me is to call Deirdre's phone number 845-821-6183. You will hear her cheerful greeting and can leave a voicemail. I will get back to you. You may also email but it will take longer for me to reply. I am very busy with our twin boys - Declan and Brandon.

Deirdre is my Best Friend, my Wife, and the mother of our twin boys Declan and Brandon. It is particularly tough for the family because our sons are only 4 years old. Deirdre was the most amazing mother and she took great joy in raising her sons Declan and Brandon.

You can learn a little more about Deirdre at her obituary. Here is Deirdre Spillane Noonan Obituary

Thank you


Michael Noonan

Deirdre's husband


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